Aerial Photo over Silverton and Waltloo

Aerial 360 photo over Silverton and Waltloo, in Pretoria. I am very proud of this 360, which is one of the very first aerial 360 degree photos created in South Africa.

Photographed from a Robinson 44 helicopter, on 18 December 2009. This 360 degree photo was created by stitching together 27 images taken on a wide angle lens, at about 600 feet (200 meters) about the ground.

Aerial Virtual Tour over Silverton and Waltloo Pretoria by 360 South Africa

For more samples of Aerial 360 Virtual Tours visit our 360 Productions website. See how a standard Virtual Tour can be combined with the Aerial 360 view, with hotspots linking the ground 360 views to the aerial 360 view. Aerial 360 Virtual Tours are an excellent way to showcase your Hotel, Lodge or business, while allowing your clients to engage with your brand like never before.

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